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Name:Those Lacking Brains ~ Kingdom Hearts Badfics
Website:Previously Sporked Fics
Posting Access:All Members
Mod contact is here
Read this and the rules before you post.

1. No vendetta posts. Spork because a fic is bad, not because you have grudgewank to get out. Grudge sporks lead to unfunny. Unfunny sporks are shitty sporks.

2. If you decide to review a fanfic that was sporked here, don't harrass them. Don't link to this community or tell the writer they have been sporked to stir shit. It's wanky, cruel and kind of douchey.
Try to keep the mocking in the community.

3. Along the same lines though, should a sporked author turn up in the community, it is pretty much open season as long as you don't harrass them or break any other rules listed here.

4. Limit crticism to the story itself. Picking on the writers is easy, but we aren't here for that no matter how badly a writer behaves. We're here to pick on bad writing. We are not stupidkhfans or any variation of.

5. Try to keep posts on topic. Sporks should be the primary content, but requests for material and sporking suggestion posts are fine too. Just don't go overboard with it. However absolutely no advertising of any kind with out mod approval.

6. Unless the badfic in question is a crossover, please keep the members of the sporking team part of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. This includes Final Fantasy and Disney characters but try to be sensible.

7. Try not to be hypocrites. Stay IC, spelling and grammar check your sporks to the best of your ability, don't self insert or insert ironic mary sues. If a fic has redeeming features, acknowledge them. Don't post entire chapters or stories when you spork them.

8. Don't be a douche. Trolling/spamming of any sort will not be tolerated.

Rules and instructional are modified from the original [info]heartless_fics on LJ, the comm without which, this comm would not exist.
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